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Employing Solar Energy Masses in Mass


Looking for a new and completely enthralling job? In the US, you might have noticed a certain state which prizes anything energy efficient. This place is multiplying solar panel installations, and therefore jobs, as if its whole existence depended on it. Perhaps it does...

This state has so arduously filled its realms with solar energy employees that the industry bursts with 75 percent more jobs than a mere 7 years ago!

Have you guessed it? Yep, Massachusetts.

According to a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s report, the committed state can tip its hat to its over 100,000 clean energy employees! As the center tallied up the numbers from the past year, they also noted a steady climb in renewable energy jobs from 2015.

This firm progress meant over 6,000 extra jobs spun into the job arena, including opportunities in solar energy or wind and the electric car sector. According to Governor Charlie Baker, the state’s residents love the creative and inventive challenges offered by this field. Baker wants to cultivate the field even further in coming years.

A Booming Industry

We can see why Massachusetts has attained so much success in 2016. The state has shown great dedication in growing renewable energy.

Just a few months ago, Baker approved yet another bill to promote sustainable resources. The bill demands that utility companies make 1.2 gigawatts of hydro power and 1.6 gigawatts of wind power part of their power source pool.

Of course, this bill is only one of many moves to grow clean energy within the state. In 2016, Massachusetts built over 25,000 renewable projects, adding a substantial amount of clean energy to the stockpile. In fact, these projects alone could power 56,000 homes!

The result of the state’s heavy support for clean energy? The industry is booming!

Solar Revenue & Solar Energy Jobs

According to the Massachusetts report, renewable energy isn’t the only thing that the industry is creating. Clean energy also accounts for nearly $12 billion of the state’s revenue!

On the investing side, early-stage investments have excelled in growth this past year. These investments into solar panel companies and other clean energy businesses blew past its previous threshold with a 166 percent spike.

On top of its wealth, renewable energy has also added 22 percent more jobs since 2015. Of course, solar panel companies and their related jobs account for over 60 percent of those added. The wind sector and other energy jobs make up 28 percent, combining with solar to constitute 3 percent of Massachusetts’ entire working class!

So, if you are searching for a meaningful career switch, think about working with solar panel companies like Palmetto, especially in Massachusetts. With its top-level support and rapid renewable energy additions, the state is successfully employing the solar energy masses.


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