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Palmetto Expands Into Rhode Island

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Charleston, SC ­-- Palmetto, a clean technology company providing customers with control of their energy usage, is announcing its expansion into Rhode Island after seven years of growth across the nation. Palmetto is offering homeowners a competitive solar solution combined with its proprietary technology to provide residents with personalized insights and control over daily energy usage.

"Our expansion into Rhode Island is a testament to the unparalleled value that Palmetto™ provides to homeowners through a combination of competitive solar pricing and data-rich insights that help save on monthly energy bills,” said Chris Kemper, CEO. “We commend Governor Raimondo and her team of experts, as well of National Grid, for advancing the regulatory incentives required to provide clean, low-cost, energy solutions to homeowners across the Ocean State.”

“Rhode Island is recognized nationally for its leadership in clean energy programs,” said State Energy Commissioner Carol Grant. “We enthusiastically welcome companies like Palmetto that contribute to our state’s 15,000 clean energy jobs, grow the local economy and give our residents, businesses, municipalities and state agencies more options to go green.”

Palmetto’s solar solutions give customers more control over energy costs by linking solar installations with a home energy monitor that delivers users personalized usage information and real-time recommendations to anticipate and reduce monthly energy bills.  Palmetto already serves hundreds of customers across Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, and has financed more than $3 billion in clean energy projects since its inception. The company is well-known for providing unparalleled customer service, with a committed team of developers and installers that provide homeowners with a seamless experience. In the words of some of Palmetto’s recent customers:

  • Ben M., homeowner: “Palmetto Solar did a fantastic job explaining everything about the solar panels.  I have been extremely pleased with the results.  My house ended up being well-suited for solar panels, and my utility bills have dropped $200+ per month.  The panels have produced more electricity than I have used since I've had them.  The best part is that it took no effort on my part and no money out of my pocket.  I would definitely recommend Palmetto Solar.”
  • Brenda C., homeowner: “The panels went up quickly with no fuss. We got a great income tax rebate that we applied to pay down the loan.  The savings are terrific.  It’s been a good experience and we are so happy we are doing a good thing reducing our energy footprint.”
  • Dina M.,  homeowner: “Palmetto Solar has done a great job and we are very fortunate to have solar now. Our lowest bill was $24 last September for approximately 3,000 sq feet.”
  • Drew M., homeowner: “Palmetto was great to work with, after permitting, the install was completed in 1 day.”

Apart from reducing homeowner’s energy costs, Palmetto’s expansion into Rhode Island will directly contribute to economic growth across the state. The company expects to bring dozens of new jobs to the state over the next several years.


About Palmetto
Palmetto is leading the world towards a clean energy future. By pairing unique data driven clean energy software with flexible solar installation services and financing options, Palmetto is able to provide homeowners with all of the tools they need to manage their utility bills. Founded in London in 2009, Palmetto has financed over $3 billion in clean energy projects across 22 countries.