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The World’s Tallest Solar Power Station

In the world of large-scale solar energy projects, concentrated solar power systems (CSP) have quickly climbed in popularity. These systems can mega-produce energy because they utilize a field of mirrors that beam sunlight back into a tower. Such a solar power station is transforming the clean energy movement in Israel, boosting the nation’s sustainable resources farther than it has ever seen before.

The Tallest Solar Power Station

This tower, the Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station, will house over 50,000 mirrors in a field that stretches across 740 acres! The solar power tower will soar into the skyline 820 feet from the ground, christening itself as the tallest solar power station in the world. As the Ashalim tower stretches its body above its encircling mirrors, you can almost say that it shines as a beacon of hope in Israel’s desert sands.

Though the tower is indeed tall, this 121-megawatt station won’t exactly out-power Dubai’s 1000-megawatt solar tower. No, Dubai will still hold its unrefuted title as the world’s largest solar tower system. At the same time, the Ashalim station will generate over 300 megawatts of electricity for 130,000 homes, quickly propelling Israel toward its renewable energy goal in 2020.

High Hopes for Israel’s Clean Energy Future

The Ashalim tower nestled in the Negev Desert will actually constitute only one of the constructions for this large project. Two other solar buildings will store equipment that will also generate power and back up excess energy for the dimmer hours.

Overall, Israel’s Electricity Authority expects this large solar power station to produce around 1.6 percent of the nation’s electricity! Because this large project gained its support from General Electric, BrightSource Energy and NOY Infrastructure & Energy Investment Fund, Israel will now reap the benefits of clean, sustainable energy. Within three years, Israel hopes to power 10 percent of the nation with renewable resources.

Undoubtedly, the Ashalim tower will transform Israel’s entire power structure. With the help of the tower’s highly productive solar energy station, Israel will further its goals in powering more homes with clean energy.


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