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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Install Solar Panels

Do you wish you could tear your power bill to pieces, putting hundreds of dollars back into your pocket? We understand the feeling. If you install PV panels on your home, you could save tons of money! In fact, if you want to save the maximum dollar amount possible on this investment, you should act quickly. And we’ll give you four solid reasons why.

Solar PV Panels will increase your home’s value

In today’s world, many people up and leave their current home after several years. They may find a better job, buy a bigger home, or want to live in a different place. If these reasons are keeping you from going solar, though, don’t let them.

PV panels will increase your home’s value exponentially! According to Lawrence Berkeley Labs, this addition will raise your home’s value beyond any other home improvement you might make. If you install solar, you can actually value your home well above the cost of the solar panels themselves!

And if you do choose to stay in the house? You’ll enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting system that will cut your electricity bill to almost nothing. You simply cannot lose in this situation; so why wait?

You won’t always have solar tax credits.

For ten amazing years in the solar industry, US homeowners have had the benefit of solar tax credits to offset their initial investment. The federal incentive has offered a 30% return to those choosing solar energy since 2006. The credit was set to expire at the end of 2016.

Fortunately, Congress has extended the credit, though its original intent included phasing out the tax credit. They may entirely eliminate it in the near future. Because the government may not keep this tax credit for much longer, you should take advantage of it while you can! Then, you will see a faster rate of return, enjoying even more savings on top of the clean energy.

You will avoid the rising electricity rates.

Although electricity rates will vary by the utility company and state, assure yourself of one fact. These rates are continuing to rise. According to the Energy Information Administration, the average rate for electricity will climb 4-5% each year. You can say goodbye to extra dollars in your pocket if you keep using the costly utility grid.

On the other side, you can lock in low electricity bills when you install PV panels! Imagine receiving a miniscule electric bill each month, or even a surplus for generating excess power! Either way, you can avoid suffering at the hands of utility companies and take control of your electric rates with solar energy.

You can take advantage of current solar prices!

We know what you’re thinking. If you just wait a few more years, solar prices will drop even more! After all, PV panels cost a hundred times less than they did in 1978 and half the price from eight years ago.

Still, solar prices will likely rise in the next few years as more people install systems. Since companies know how much people will benefit from this investment, those companies may hike their prices in response.

You simply cannot know that solar prices will drop any further than they have currently. If you do wait, you may end up paying more for the investment than you wish to.

Installing solar PV panels on your home will provide many benefits right away. You can enjoy locked-in electric rates, solar tax credits, an increasing home value and so much more. For these reasons, you simply shouldn’t wait to install solar at a later date. Let us help you get started today!


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