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Solar 101: What Is Net Metering?


Solar energy opens a world of fresh air and clean resources. It helps support and sustain the environment, and it gives people amazing control over their electricity bills. Even better, people in many states can further the benefits they get from solar through net metering. Not only are you making your own power with help from the sun, you're getting credited for power you make that returns to the grid. 

How Net Metering Works

To power a home, solar panels soak up the sunlight throughout the day and convert that light into energy. During days and months where you use less energy, you can end up creating a surplus of energy. In an effort to not waste the energy, you have the ability to send your solar energy back into the electric grid. That's net metering. Your system-generated excess power is credited back to you by most utility companies at a 1:1 ratio, and it can add up to big savings.

Net Metering In South Carolina

Net metering offers homeowners an extra incentive to going solar.  They can power their homes and live comfortably while saving thousands on their electric bills. However, in 2018, South Carolina is expected to reach its net metering cap of 2%. This means that after the cap is hit, utility companies do not have to credit homeowners for their energy. While Palmetto and other solar companies work to raise that net metering cap, it's important for homeowners considering going solar to get in before the cap is hit. 

Solar Power Means Solar Jobs

Finally, because net metering encourages homeowners to get solar panel systems, it also supports a growing solar industry. Today, over 170,000 people have the privilege of working in the solar world, and that number continues to grow.

In fact, solar energy is proving one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. It has seen growth at a rate 12 times faster than other American industries. Net metering has helped create a high demand for solar and plays an important role in the industry’s thriving atmosphere.