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Solar 101 - Net Metering


Solar energy opens a world of fresh air and clean resources. It helps support and sustain the environment, and it gives people amazing control over their electricity bills. Even better, people in many states can further the benefits they get from solar by using net metering. Essentially, it’s a backup for solar electricity that gives more people the freedom of going solar.    

How Net Metering Works

To power a home, solar panels soak up the sunlight throughout the day and transfer the electricity to your home for power. In this process, the solar panels produce the most energy during the day when the sun rises high in the sky and radiates its powerful light. Many homes will actually produce more energy during this time than they can use!

In an effort to not waste the energy, you have the ability to add your solar energy system into the electric grid. Then, you can allow it to give energy for your home during evenings and cloudy days. In exchange, your system will send excess energy generated during the day into the electric grid, making the electric meter actually spin backwards!

Gaining Control

One frustration for non-solar homeowners is that they have little control over their power bills. Aside from raising the thermostat in summer or lowering it in winter, they have to pay whatever cost comes their way.

Net metering gives consumers the control they need. They can power their homes and live comfortably while saving thousands on their electric bills! For example, California public organizations will save over $2 billion because they can back up their solar energy systems with net metering. Because of this policy, more consumers can turn to solar energy and reap the savings in energy credits.

Solar Power Grid

Both utilities and consumers can rest more easily without the threat of major power outages. They also get the clean energy needed to power homes while supporting a green environment.

A Steady Supply of Solar Jobs

Finally, since net metering encourages consumers in getting solar panel systems, it supports a growing solar industry. Today, over 170,000 people have the privilege of working in the solar world, and it keeps growing.

In fact, solar energy is proving one of the fastest growing industries in the US! It has seen growth at a rate 12 times faster than other American industries. Net metering has helped create a high demand for solar and plays an important role in the industry’s thriving atmosphere.

Through net metering, consumers can take control of their electric bills with an increasing motivation to go solar. In addition, this state-based policy benefits the stability of the electric grid and creates a steady supply of jobs in the solar industry. At the same time, people can back up their home’s power using the electric grid while gaining credits for excess energy produced. In short, net metering benefits everyone involved and should remain an option for anyone looking into solar energy.