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Six Reasons Why You Should Go Solar


No matter the season, you can walk outside on a sunny day and get a pink glow tipping your nose and cheeks from the sun’s powerful rays. Although thousands of miles away, this bright star has more impact on the world’s function than hundreds of natural resources right here on Planet Earth. So why not harness some of that power to use for your everyday needs? You can, and here’s 6 reasons why going solar is actually important.



While going solar might mean an upfront investment, you should see it as an investment with a high return. As soon as the installation company puts the solar panels in place, they will be working to produce natural energy straight from your rooftop.

Since you own the panels, you also own the energy they produce, giving you necessary electricity at no extra cost. Then, as your utility company sends around monthly bills, you’ll immediately notice an enormous cut on your cost! Within a short time of going solar, you can enjoy a return on your investment that will keep multiplying over the next 25 years.


For years, the world has relied on resources dwindling with every flip of a light switch. Without renewable energy, you simply could never hope to progress technology and even enjoy the luxuries of light and heat that electricity provides.

Fortunately, renewable resources like solar energy came into the picture. You can now break free from the monopoly of utility companies, lock in utility rates for several decades, and gain ownership of electricity on your property. Who wouldn’t want a money-saving power source they could count on built directly on their house?


Market Value

Next, you should never have to wait to go solar. Because of the low risk of losing your investment if you sell your home, you can switch to solar energy now, rather than later.

According to the most recent study about the solar market, homes across the States experience an average $15,000 increase in market value with solar panels installed. In California, the numbers reach even higher.

This increased market value adds to the savings you’re already getting with solar. For every $1 you save because of solar panels, you gain an average $20 of market value on your home, says the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

As if this fact didn’t top all, installing solar panels may actually speed up the rate of selling your home as well. If you have concerns about wanting to sell after going solar, set your mind at ease. Solar energy adds much market value to your home.


Passive Income

Every financial advisor in the country will stand behind the wisdom of passive income. Although most forms of income require at least a little work, going solar will help you generate income without any extra effort. That’s about as passive as you can get.

Once you’ve hit the point where your solar panels have returned every dollar of your investment, the rest of your savings will go directly into your bank account. At the same time, you can apply for federal and, in many areas, state incentives such as net metering.

If your solar panels generate more energy than you need for your home, you can actually sell it back to the utility company. The company gets the added benefit of renewable energy for a low cost to them, and you get a credit for producing that electricity! Again, this extra income requires no work on your part either.


A Clean Environment
Perhaps the most important reason you can go solar is to encourage a clean, healthy environment. First of all, using solar energy introduces a renewable power source that can keep up with the growing electricity demands of a technology-dependent world. Simply put, non-renewable sources just don’t provide consistent energy.

In addition, the renewable resource also frees people from its dirty counterpart: toxic fossil fuels. As more people switch to solar energy, the world relies less on fume-producing fossil fuels, clearing up the environment. In return, the environment gives back with rich water, fresh air, and fertile soil.


Clean Energy Support

Finally, you should go solar to support the renewable energy industry. Without renewables, people would have to depend on fossil fuels with little knowledge about how long the non-renewable sources could sustain the world’s power.

To advance clean energy, researchers and solar companies need support from communities around them. Then, as they can focus on improving current solar technology, the upfront investment of solar panels will continue to drop. Already, the median price of solar energy systems have dropped at least 50 percent in all categories from rooftop solar to utility-scale systems since 2010.

Going solar holds huge benefits for every home and business owner. Financially, switching to this renewable energy source just makes sense, providing a high return on investment while generating a passive income. In addition, these solar energy systems protect the environment and support the clean energy industry. With solar energy, you’re literally investing into your future and the world’s future at the same time.