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Keep South Carolina Renewable Energy Great!

Legislators reconvened in Columbia this month to address some of the most pressing issues facing the Palmetto State, and at the top of the priority list is SCANA's failed nuclear plant and its aftermath.  Not surprisingly, given this epic disaster, SCANA has put itself up for sale and recently found a willing buyer in Virginia-based Dominion Energy.  Santee Cooper is likely next if Governor McMaster gets his way.
Although much of the anger is directed at SCANA, there is an equally-pressing energy issue that must also be addressed: Supporting the renewable energy industry by extending the soon-to-expire net-metering program for residential solar customers.  If not addressed, homeowners wanting to find a cost-effective solution to controlling their energy bills might soon be out of luck—unless legislators address this issue soon.
Net-metering is the system by which homeowners are compensated by the utility for the energy they produce and export onto the distribution grid.  Legislators first enacted a strong met-metering policy back in 2015, which jumpstarted the renewable energy sector in South Carolina.  Since then, Palmetto as well as other renewable energy companies, have installed thousands of solar energy systems throughout the state.  However, the 2015 policy is on the verge of completion in 2018.
As we enter the legislative session in the Palmetto State, join us in supporting clean energy by asking your legislator to support strong renewable energy policies.  Solar provides choice and independence to South Carolina customers looking to save money and go green. 
To take action, send a letter today in support of the "Energy Consumers Bill of Rights Act" and help keep solar jobs and solar choice in South Carolina.