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5 Commonly Asked Solar Energy Questions


The number of households making the switch to solar has skyrocketed this year, and it only makes sense when you consider the facts. Installing solar panels on your home cuts power costs and saves you money! Nonetheless, many people still have questions concerning solar energy and using it to power their homes. We want to ensure that we answer all your solar questions so you can go solar with confidence.

Below is a list of five commonly asked solar energy questions, and provided answers from our experienced Palmetto Energy Specialist.

#1. Is going solar affordable?

Absolutely! The cost of solar has dropped dramatically in recent years, making solar power more affordable and cost-effective than ever. Presently, there is a federal solar tax credit that can help you save 30% off the cost of your solar energy system. Some states may offer a state solar tax credit. Please get in touch with Palmetto Solar to find out more information for current solar tax credits in your state!

Solar panels are a great investment and we offer financing options with no money down. Our main goal is to offset the cost of your power bill as much as possible and put money back in your pocket.

#2 Is my house solar eligible?

Solar panels can be installed practically anywhere that receives direct sunlight most of the day. It is important that tall trees or buildings do not obstruct the sun’s rays from reaching your panels. A south-facing roof is the most ideal for solar energy because it will collect the most amount of sunshine throughout the day. While it is not as optimal, solar systems may be installed on easterly and westerly facing slopes.

#3 Do I have to go off the grid to go solar?

Going solar doesn’t mean going completely off the grid! Palmetto Solar energy systems remain connected to the conventional utility grid, which is very convenient for homeowners because they can still access utilities if the demand is not fully satisfied by their solar system.

#4 How durable is my solar energy system?

Solar power systems are very durable and will not be damaged during extreme weather conditions. Solar panels actually protect and preserve your roof from everyday wear and tear. Most solar panels are not installed directly to your roof, but rather mounted onto a raised railing system that shelters your roof from outside elements. The Palmetto Solar installation team can also easily remove solar panels if they need to be repaired.

#5 Will switching to solar energy reduce my monthly power bill?

One of the many benefits of solar energy is that is cuts your energy costs. In fact, most people decide to go solar simply because it will save them a few hundred bucks a months on their energy bill. Installing solar panels allows you to generate energy during the day and feed excess power back into the grid. When this happens, your meter spins backwards and your utility company credits you for that power. You will use grid power at night, but because of all the credit you produced your power bill will be drastically reduced.

More Solar Energy Information

When you install solar panels on your roof, you are locked in at low fixed rates that will never go up and and enjoy a dramatically lower energy bill! No matter the size of your solar system, you will begin to enjoy returns on day one and your energy savings will continue to grow overtime.

If you have any other solar related questions,  please get in touch with Palmetto Solar today! Call, email or schedule an in home consultation with one of our trusted Solar Specialists. We will take care of all the details and walk you step by step through the process. Palmetto Solar’s entire team works hard to ensure your switch to solar is simple and stress-free!

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