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Is Solar Energy Right for You?


The benefits of installing a solar power system are numerous. Installing home solar panels cut your monthly electricity bill, put money back in your wallet and add equity to your home. However, it is important to find out if rooftop solar panels are right for your home. Below are four questions to ask yourself before you make the switch to solar.

Do you own your home?

If you own your home and are interested in going solar, you are a good candidate for solar panel installation. Unfortunately, townhouses and apartments are not strong applications for a home solar system.

Do you live in an area with a climate conducive for a home solar power system?

Solar power is available across the nation, but some areas are more viable candidates for solar than others. Home solar panels optimally perform in a sunny climate, but they are still effective in partly cloudy environments and as technology improves these areas are becoming more practical for solar installations.

Is your roof solar ready?

The ideal roof for solar panel installation is south-facing and receives minimal shading.

The easiest way to determine if photovoltaic panels are right for your roof is to take a picture of the south-facing area of your roof. Do this five times throughout the day. Take the first picture early in the morning, the second during the mid morning, another at noon, again in the mid-afternoon and lastly in the evening before the sun sets. Compare the photos to each other. Is there anything that shades the area consistently through the day? The less shade present, the more effective your solar power system will be.

If your roof needs replacing, we recommend that you move forward with the replacement before you have a solar system installed.

Do you have a high electricity bill?

If you are paying a large amount of money every month on your utility bill, you are a perfect candidate for solar installation. Going solar will greatly reduce your electricity bill, making it cheaper to run your home and thus saving you money in the long run. You will also never have to worry about the rising costs of power again.

Did you answer yes to all four questions? If so, congratulations! Solar energy is right for you! Find out more information about solar power systems, solar cost and the process of going solar. Please give us a call (855) 339-1831.

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