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Is Solar Energy Right for You?

July 20, 2017

The benefits of installing a solar power system are numerous. Installing home solar panels cut your monthly electricity bill, put money back in your wallet and add equity to your home. However, it is important to find out if rooftop solar panels are right for your home. Below are four questions to ask yourself before you make the switch to solar.

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The Changing Face of Solar Homeowners

July 17, 2017

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding solar energy is the belief that solar PV panels are only for the rich and wealthy. This was true ten years ago when early solar power systems were quite expensive due to the high cost to manufacture and install. As a result, early solar homeowners who installed solar panels were green-minded and had higher incomes to afford the costly solar systems.

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Solar 101 - Net Metering

July 14, 2017

Solar energy opens a world of fresh air and clean resources. It helps support and sustain the environment, and it gives people amazing control over their electricity bills. Even better, people in many states can further the benefits they get from solar by using net metering. Essentially, it’s a backup for solar electricity that gives more people the freedom of going solar.    

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5 Commonly Asked Solar Energy Questions

July 10, 2017

The number of households making the switch to solar has skyrocketed this year, and it only makes sense when you consider the facts. Installing solar panels on your home cuts power costs and saves you money! Nonetheless, many people still have questions concerning solar energy and using it to power their homes. We want to ensure that we answer all your solar questions so you can go solar with confidence.

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Living in a Solar-Powered World

July 06, 2017

Even if you haven’t switched to solar yet, you probably know that it can be used to power homes and commercial buildings. But did you know you could use this sustainable resource in many other ways too? Without even realizing it, you have been living in an increasingly solar-powered world.

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Lego Built Its Way to 100 % Renewable Energy

June 27, 2017

Lately, it seems that several big companies have been showing the world how to conquer renewable energy goals. For that matter, the goals they’ve been aiming for have not been small feats, either; but companies like Google, Asics, and Salesforce have risen to the challenge. Recently, the toy company Lego reached an important marker for sustainability—several years before its promised date too!

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Energy Efficiency Importance

June 20, 2017

Stripped down to its essentials, energy efficiency importance simply means getting the most out of every ounce of energy allotted to you. It melds minimalism and conservation into one happy approach and gives a channel to practice these ideas. Without a doubt, this bare-boned lifestyle turns into quite a profitable benefit for every person who takes hold of it. But it also comes with much more than the bare essentials. You get the whole package, layered in meaning and service beyond your interests, and that package is something you can embrace with all your heart.

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The Right Focus for Climate Change

June 16, 2017

So much of the time, we hear about the global crisis of climate change. We understand that the world at large needs to learn conservation and improve sustainability. It needs to eliminate pollution-producing factories and promote clean transportation as much as possible. This wide focus can prove overwhelming, giving little guidance to local areas about where to start. In reality, we should be zoning in our global efforts to the cities harming our environment the most.

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It’s Raining Solar Energy

June 14, 2017

If you have lived anywhere up and down the east coast of our beautiful United States, you’ve likely encountered the usual summer sprinkle. Actually, it’s more of a summer deluge that threatens to sweep away the very ground underneath your feet. While you’re busy trying to keep your life possessions from floating away, you might also think back to those solar panels you have sitting on your roof. How will this summer downpour affect your solar panel efficiency?

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Six Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

June 09, 2017

No matter the season, you can walk outside on a sunny day and get a pink glow tipping your nose and cheeks from the sun’s powerful rays. Although thousands of miles away, this bright star has more impact on the world’s function than hundreds of natural resources right here on Planet Earth. So why not harness some of that power to use for your everyday needs? You can, and here’s 6 reasons why going solar is actually important.

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Toast to Solar Roast

June 08, 2017

In today’s America, you have likely spent some part of your day immersing your taste buds in coffee. Perhaps you sloshed a bit of black liquid in a thermal on the way out the door this morning, or you waited patiently in the drive-thru for your creamy lunch-break latte. Thankfully, a couple of environmentally-savvy coffee masters have invented the next best coffee sensation—a solar roast!

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The Growing Land of Solar Real Estate

June 06, 2017

You probably have the scene of buying your dream house, or even just your first house, playing through your mind. You’ll go through your list of must-haves and narrow down the houses to the one that fits your criteria the best. A few years ago, this list might have consisted of a bigger master bedroom, extra dining room, added cabinet space or pantry, and a three-car garage. Now, however, buyers are adding one more must-have to this list, and this one tops all others: solar energy. These buyers are taking real estate to a whole new level, seeking out prime solar real estate for their purchase instead.

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